re·gret (per dictionary. com)
1.) to feel sorrow or remorse for (an act, fault, disappointment, etc.)
2.) to think of with a sense of (loss, disappointment, dissatisfaction, etc.)
3.) a feeling of sorrow “sorry” or remorse for a (fault, act, loss, disappointment, etc.)

As I woke up today with a food hangover from eating too much poutine, a favorite classic Canadian dish consisting of homemade french fries baked in olive oil, fresh garlic, sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt, fresh cracked black pepper, smothered with cheese curds and gravy. mmmmm. I knew it wasn’t from the one dark beer I washed it down with. Upon waking I had an immense feeling of regret.

R e g r e t.

My regret was a negative conscious and emotional reaction to my personal past action resulting in a feeling of guilt and gluttony.

It’s funny because the word regret has been on my mind lately. Yes, the feeling of regret surfaced after my father drowned in a lake, not giving me the opportunity to say good-bye. I never got to express my gratitude or spend the time with him that I wished I had. Regret is a powerful feeling.

Regret has come up as a topic in recent conversations. And each time it does, it never fails that the other person in the conversation always repeats the same cliché phrase, “Never regret.”

Why shouldn’t we feel regret and why is the act of regretting in our society labeled a bad thing and a feeling we are told to suppress? Sure, I agree that we shouldn’t live daily with regret but momentarily we should recognize regret. Definitely don’t dwell in it. Accept it for what it is, acknowledge it and let it pass through a window to change. Use the negative emotion as a spark to light the new way. Let the guilt of regret transform into compassion for ourselves and our dislike of an action or inaction and use this feeling as fuel – motivation to make apologies or forgiveness and change.

So what, we made a big mistake to see it once our way and from that comes a little regret. Or maybe we regret not taking action. What’s the harm in acknowledging the fact that we are “sorry?” Being sorry is good. Maybe regret is our friend.

Holding one hand with regret allows your other hand to be free to reach for change. First hand experience is such an honest thing and every new day is another chance to change your life.

I know you won’t spend too much time on my words just as you won’t on regret. I’m just saying that it is okay to regret some of our actions and inaction by accepting your own mistakes as lessons. Remembering our universal family and how we are all connected is important. Let’s have some compassion when we do know someone who has messed up if such acts are forgivable. People are not disposable like garbage. We are all human and we all do it, we all make mistakes. When we make the big mistakes something good usually comes directly from having regret because we truly are sorry for our action or inaction and will learn from the lessons.  Regret is a sign that the person actually has a conscious and is actually feeling the negative energy caused by the sorrow or guilt of it. We can transform this negativity into positivity just by accepting it and then dealing with it. Regret should be regarded as a motivational tool toward change.

I am who I am today because of the choices I made yesterday. I’m not always perfect or proud of them but now I allow regret to be the conscience living gateway that guides me down my true path. A path of consciousness, compassion, forgiveness, honest communication and love for each of our universal family members and especially for myself.

re·gret (per Heidi)
1) a feeling of remorse or sorrow. being sorry.
2) a sign that the person feeling regret has a conscious and is truly sorry.
3) negative energy that can be transformed into motivational energy and gateway to change. Regret is regarded as a motivational tool.
4) love for oneself and the universe to take notice of our own actions or inaction and to do something about it.

For a moment, regret –  then forgive, make apologies and continue on your journey.

What are you seeking?


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