What do you want to create?

Life doesn’t happen to you. It happens through you. It takes no power to destroy. It takes power to create. Everybody dies but not everybody lives.

Your intentions and desires are supported by the universe but more importantly they must be supported by your heart in order to manifest.

I’ve learned…

It takes more than a dream.
It takes more than a desire.
It takes more than intention.
It takes more than belief.
It takes more than hope.
It takes more than love.
It takes more than courage.
It takes more than action.
It takes more than playing it safe in a valley (the physical mind) you must climb to the top of the mountain (the higher mind).
It takes more than just thinking positive thoughts.
It takes more than just believing in the universe or a God.

I’ll say it again…

Your intentions and desires are supported by the universe but more importantly they must be supported by your heart in order to become reality.

You must dream.
You must know your desires.
You must set an intention.
You must believe in yourself and your dream full heartedly.
Your dream must match your intention to manifest.
You must not be afraid.
You must have courage.
You must talk to others and share the idea of your dream.
You must take action to work toward manifesting your dream into reality.
You must not look back.
You must go forward.
You must make your decisions with love and compassion.
You must acknowledge we are all apart of the ONE-ness of this universe.
You must climb to the top of the mountain (the higher mind). You can see farther from here.

Accept that mistakes will be made.
Learn from your mistakes.
Admit your mistakes.
Make apologies when necessary.
Forgive yourself and others.
Embrace obstacles.

I can honestly say that my greatest successes have been derived from my biggest mistakes and not letting go of my dreams because I knew there had to be a better way than what our traditional society had led me to believe.

Your love is free.
Your love is alive.
Your love is energy that moves and cannot be taken away from you, or lost or cancelled like a bad cell phone contract.
Even if heart ache occurs.
But, you can always recycle your love into something creative. Something beautiful. Inspiring.
Art, music, fashion, words, photography and a million kinds of service to other beings.
What are you seeking?
Get busy creating.
Love is a movement.
Love is freedom.
Love is a gift you can give.

And I’ll say it AGAIN…
You must align your heart and believe that you deserve it. If their is any inkling of doubt. You might as well forget about it! The universe will test the foundation of your intention.
Your physical mind may argue with your higher mind. Imagine your physical mind as the valley and your higher mind as the top of the mountain. You can see much farther from here. Your higher mind will guide you and tell you where to go. It has great vision than what your physical mind can imagine. Trust in your higher mind. Accept that reality will have obstacles. Embrace these obstacles and rise above the suffering and victim mentality. Relate to these obstacles rather than feeling victimized by them. Quit resisting reality but rather embrace it. Only you can control your reaction to it.

Have you ever had a dream and were able to manifest it? Things were going really well in the beginning. Your dream had come true. Then BAM. Like a freight train, you were derailed. Stop. Look at what energy patterns you have been spinning since you were a child and fix the root of the issue/problem. Only you know what baggage you are carrying and only you can unpack it.

Again and again. I’ll say it again….

Your intentions and desires are supported by the universe but more importantly they must be supported by your heart in order to manifest. STOP. Unpack or better yet, leave your baggage here.

If you don’t truly believe you deserve love because you were abused as a child then no matter how many positive thoughts you think and wish for love,  if you’re still spinning the negative energy pattern of being a victim underneath it all manifestation cannot occur. Deal with the baggage. Fix yourself and then carry on your journey. You will feel much lighter as you unpack the past instead of trying to bring it with you.

The past doesn’t exist. The future doesn’t exist. Only this moment, right now, right here exists. You can fool your own physical mind, but you can’t fool the universe.

“The quickest path to enlightenment is to simply lighten up!” –Bashar

What are you seeking? Start with a dream.

Manifest – the content of dreams is related to wish-fulfillment. Freud believed that the manifest content of a dream, or the actual imagery and events of the dream, served to disguise the latent content, or the unconscious wishes of the dreamer.

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